Attempted Burglaries

In December there were several break-ins to dwellings on Dolphin and Rawls.

On January 4, there was a break-in on Laurel. Along with those reports several cars have been rifled through on Columbia Court, Madison Court and Ohio Place. On January 8, one of the suspected burglars was apprehended. Residents should still say vigilant as there may have been more than one person involved in the spate of robberies.

On Feb. 28, at 4:00 a.m., an intruder was reportedin a rental unit directly across from Laurel Park. The police were called and responded quickly. A photo was taken of the intruder, and the police were able to quickly apprehend a suspect nearby. But please stay vigilant.

Finding cash seems to be the major motive (electronic equipment and jewelry have been bypassed thus far).

Five car burglaries have been reported to the City from Laurel Park and all five cars were unlocked, some with valuables inside.

PLEASE lock your homes and cars at all times. Most of these reported events happened during the day.

If you see anything suspicious, please call 911. If you are reporting a break in, call 911 and stay until a police person arrives. If you call in a burglary but can’t wait for an officer, go to the Sarasota Police Dept at 2099 Adams Lane (north side of Payne Park) and give a report after the fact. Without an official report, the police can’t put this rash of burglaries together.

The LPNA has asked the Sarasota Police Department to patrol more frequently throughout the neighborhood. The non-emergency number at the SPD is (941) 316-1199. You can also call Pat Robinson, Deputy Chief of Police, at (941) 954-7006 for more information.

Thanks for being vigilant.