Gas lines being replaced

What's with the spray paint?

pipeline-projectYou may have noticed a lot of mysterious spray-painted markings on the easements by sidewalks along the east side of Laurel Park. These rather ominious-looking markings began appearing a few weeks ago.

Although neither the LPNA or property-owners received any advance notice, these markings relate to a city-approved plan to update and replace galvanized pipe gas lines located below the sidewalk.

The gas pipes run below Columbia Court, Madison Court, Lafayette Court and Brother Geenan Way.

We've been told they will be replaced by means of shooting replacement pipe below the existing pipe and that this process should not impact the bricks on the street or other above-ground structures. Per the permit for this work, little, if any digging is expected and if it is required it will only be in city-owned "Right of Way" area from the sidewalk to the curb.