Hurricane Season Preparedness

Hurricane Season begins June 1, and runs through November 30.

The LPNA encourages you to peruse the links below to ensure you are prepared in the event of a hurricane. There are new evacuation maps on the County website. Zones are designated with letters. Laurel Park ranges from zones A-D, so be sure to check your evacuation zone. Also, the necklaces around stop signs designate zones for each street.

In a storm/flood situation, residents in A & B zones will be asked to leave first. If you need to evacuate, check the city website to see which shelter is open (Sarasota High might be having construction done, in which case, Southside Elementary would be used).

You can sign up for emergency alerts and check the City and County websites for shelters and emergency instructions:

Contact City Emergency Manager Todd Kerkering at 941-363-5811 for more information.

If you will need assistance going to a shelter, please contact Sarasota County at 941-861-5000 to be registered for bus pick-up.

Some advance preparation will serve you in any emergency situation:

  • check your insurance papers to make sure your property is fully covered,
  • stock up with bottled water, paper products, medications, canned foods, a first aid kit,
  • make sure you have batteries for a radio, your phone, lanterns, etc.,
  • keep cash on hand
  • keep your car’s gas tank at least half full at all times.

Having a contact outside of the area is a good idea. Talk to family and friends in advance of the storm about your plans for leaving Sarasota and where you intend to go.

Thanks for planning ahead.