Laurel Park History

Laurel Park is a National Register of Historic Places District

The National Register of Historic Places is the nation’s list of buildings, sites, and districts that are considered worthy of recognition and preservation because of their architectural merit or importance in local, regional, or national history.

Laurel Park, Sarasota, has been recognized by the Federal Government as a historically important neighborhood.

270 buildings contribute to the Laurel Park National Register Historic District.

Individually-designated Historic Homes in Laurel Park

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“Preservation of historic properties and communities fosters community pride resulting in a more involved and informed citizenry. By preserving existing historic resources, a connection is established with our past. This connection sparks recognition that we have an obligation to responsibly manage our community for future generations.”Historic Preservation/Smart Growth

What does this designation do for our neighborhood?

  1. Provides a written history of the people, the development and the architecture of the neighborhood for future generations.
  2. It offers public recognition which increases awareness and appreciation for the diverse architectural fabric and the traditional street pattern and sidewalks.
  3. It helps to create a spirit of community and reinforces a sense of place
  4. Designation also allows owners of income-producing properties (commercial and rental residential) to take advantage of tax benefits for rehabilitation.This means that if an owner substantially restores or adaptively reuses a property in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation, the owner can be eligible for a 20% tax credit on the amount expended on the rehabilitation.
  5. Designation sparks community interest in its history and its historic resources. It may prompt people to make the extra effort to save a historic property if it is threatened with demolition or alteration.
  6. Districts are sustainable development—helping to preserve the design, scale and uses in the neighborhood.
  7. A National Register District designation adds value to all properties in the district, not just the historically designated properties.