Ringling Roundabout Now Open!

The new, single-lane roundabout at the intersection of Orange Avenue and Ringling Boulevard is now open and traffic is flowing again.

Sarasota Communications Specialist Jason Bartolone says crews completed final improvements to the project on the afternoon of May 16th.  The intersection had been closed since November 2017.

Crews plan to install local artist Jorge Blanco’s aluminum sculpture, “BRAVO!” later this summer. The installation will be coordinated to occur during off-peak hours to minimize traffic disruptions.

According to Bartolone, the new roundabout will improve traffic flow as well as driver and pedestrian safety. The project also allowed for infrastructure upgrades including a new water line, additional lighting for the road and sidewalk and landscaping improvements.

Since 2010, several one-lane roundabouts have been constructed downtown, including at Five Points, along Ringling Boulevard and at Orange Avenue and Main Street.

(This article was updated May 16 to indicate the roundabout is open to traffic.)