New Gas Lines Along Osprey

Before the end of this year TECO People’s Gas will install a new natural gas line under the west sidewalk on South Osprey Avenue from Mound Street to Main Street. TECO’s Danny Shanahan says he’s waiting for the final design and a permit from the City and hopes to get started by this December. He expects the project to take about two months, so it will be complete before the City begins installing sewer and water mains on April 1, 2019.

Shanahan says replacing existing steel pipe with new, plastic pipe is mandated by the Public Service Commission. TECO has already installed plastic pipe on most of the side streets. The Osprey project will connect to them. He says there should be no street closures, but there will be some sidewalk closures as they drill under the sidewalk and put in the pipe.

According to Shanahan, all the work will be done during daylight hours, but there will be some noise as they remove sidewalk sections where they drill and when compacting the area before replacing those sections. He is coordinating with the City on matching the existing sidewalk surfaces.

If you have any questions or concerns you can call Danny Shanahan at 941-342-8917.