The MURT Trail Breaks Ground

The Multi-Use Recreation Trail (MURT) is becoming a reality in Laurel Park. The construction is obvious to anyone who has been on Brother Geenen Way or looked towards the end of Ohio in the past few weeks.

Bill Nichols of the City gave a progress report on the MURT Trail at the LPNA General Meeting held at the Senior Friendship Center on Tuesday November 12, 2013.

Federal, State, County and City funds have been pooled to improve storm water runoff (covering the ditch) and creating a trail for walking, running & bike riding along the southern border of Laurel Park – starting at 301 and going all the way to Rawls/Orange. This is one portion of the larger MURT Trail which will connect various parts of the City.

Mr. Nichols reported that with a small delay, it is hoped that this portion of the project will be completed by the middle of March. Some trees have had to come down, but extensive replanting of trees and other landscaping will be put in. There will be a 10 ft wide bridge put over the tidal creek, along with a kayak slip and two parking spots at the end of Ohio. There will be downward facing lighting along the Trail.

New sanitary sewers will go in at the dead end streets of Ohio Place, Madison Court, Columbia Court and Lafayette. If there are issues with non-neighborhood parking on those dead end streets, the neighborhood and the City will work together to find a solution. Pedestrians will be able to walk directly to the Trail from the neighborhood. This will create a beautiful boundary to our treasured Historic District.

To receive weekly updates on the project, register on line at You can also call Bill Nichols, project manager at 955-2325 ext. 6362.

by Jude Levy