Urban Design Studio

We expect that Laurel Park will keep much of its RSM-9 standards under the new zoning code being developed by the Urban Design Studio for the City of Sarasota.

The RSM 9 zoning that currently governs our area was developed in close collaboration with the neighborhood, and the general sentiment among neighbors seems to be that it works well in terms of preserving the historic character of Laurel Park.

That said, Karen Murphy, who is leading the Urban Design Studio initiative to develop a City-wide form-based code, has suggested some possible tweaks / improvements to the current code:

  • Decrease impervious lot coverage from 75% to 65% max.
  • Tighten porch standards to get more desired / historic standards.
  • Add additional requirements on garages, such as requiring detached garages and prohibiting attached.
  • Increased setback requirements for larger combined lots.
  • Better definition of accessory unit.
    • The Urban Design studio will host community workshops on the zoning proposals in April, with an eye toward gathering community feedback on the above possibilities before finalizing the new standards in September, 2017. We will alert you as to the time and location of those workshops.

      Meanwhile, if you have thoughts on these ideas, or would like to be more closely involved in representing the community on these zoning issues, please contact Alice Sundstrom, via the LPNA’s contact form, and let her know your thoughts, and whether you would be interested in serving on an LPNA working group focusing on these issues.